One Sunday afternoon we went to a friend’s house to get some shots of he and his buddies detailing their cars. We just gave them the tools and opened the hoods and let them go. They examined the vehicles to figure which tools would work best in which areas.

These are the cars that are within three houses of each other!! How would you like to live in that neighbor hood?


Set Up

Slick Stixxx work best if they are laid out on a light colored cloth so you can see all of your options as hard-to-reach areas arise while you “Pimp out your ride”.

Head Cleaner

This cleaning head was the favorite of the guys and is the mainstay of the SlickStixxx Detailing Component System. Its flexible qualities, combined with the thinness and length of the head, allow it to be slid into and flexed around obstacles that kept you from being able to get that dirt and grime on and in areas that were seen but not reachable.

Small Head Cleaner

The tip was used first to clean that area between the valve stem and the rim wall and around lug nuts easily. It is also thin like its longer counterpart but not flexible lending its use to tight areas that require consistent thinness and some length but no flexibility or taper.

Small Chisel Cleaner

The Small chisel head was used for areas that required a small square and/or tapered head without the flexible properties of the head cleaner. Toe pressure on the tool head allowed the user to get down into tight places while controlling the head.

Large Chisel Cleaner

DCF 1.0Several different cleaning heads can be used to do the same job. In this case the large chisel cleaner was chosen to clean the grill because of the width of the spaces and the shape of the tool. The shape of the grill components and width of the spaces would easily dictate the cleaning head used.

Pick Cleaner

The Cone Pick cleaner is great for getting into tight areas that require a pointed tip. Around bolts and nuts and inside the heads of bolts as well.

Block Cleaner

The block cleaner was first chosen to clean the spaces on the rims but then he realized that, although it cleaned both surfaces or the spoke, a thinner head was needed to get into the pointed taper toward the center of the hub. The small chisel cleaner was then selected to complete the task.

Ball Head Cleaner

The ball-head cleaner can be used for a variety of areas and is particularly good for getting portions of the motor where the castings are rounded but can’t be reached.